Frequently Asked Questions

You can register by clicking on login / signup. You can also download our mobile application and register.

Registration process:
Signup - - > Create personal profile - - > Add property details - - > Choose subscription plan - - > Add VAS (If required) - - > Make payment.
Registration is free of cost.
Yes, to know about our services and to arrive at a suitable subscription plan and cost optimizes.
Individual registration refers to property owned by individual for personal use, whereas corporate registration refers to property registered under company name and may be owned by multiple people.
Subscription plan cannot be changed once activated in the system. Plans can be changed at a time of renewal.
Subscription end date can be seen in your personal dashboard. However, reminders are sent in advance of the subscription expiry date to ensure uninterrupted delivery of services.
There is no auto renewal option, however you will be notified one month in advance prior to expiry of current subscription.
You can terminate this agreement at any time by contacting us and requesting for termination. Such action would also result in termination of services. No amount will be refunded.