Frequently Asked Questions

We provide monitoring services for plot and submit reports on monthly / quarterly basis along with the recent photographs and other aspects and services as per the plan chosen. We are also expanding our scope of services in the near future.
In most cases, family and friends will be unable to visit your plot on regular basis and unable to identify potential issue. Engaging a professional monitoring service will ensure receipt of quarterly / monthly visits, reduce the chance of dependency on other and also avail benefit of subscription services and facilities provided.
Yes , we do provide value added service such as khata transfer, plot cleaning, debris removal, installation of sign boards, inspection services, manage property tax payments, DGPS survey etc… Cost associated with these services will be intimated to you separately.
Yes, where applicable will be dispatching to your address, international shipping extra.
Charges for khata name change or transfer depends upon various factor and will be dealt on case to case to basis.
We do the running around take care of logistics and follow up with relevant individual and agencies / department till the process is completed. However issuance / transfer of khata is strictly based on the government rules, procedures of the concerned authorities, availability of supporting documents and the eligibility criteria for the property protocols.
At present, we are not providing any physical maintenance services for flat(s). If you are in need of such services, let us know to keep you posted on provision of such services.
If we observe any suspicious activity, we will notify you immediately and you can take necessary action with our support.
Yes, we do provide physical evidence in the form of ‘Report’, which will be available in your dashboard that includes latest pictures of plot, current plot status and additional information as per subscription plan.
We provide latest encumbrance certificate and timely assistance on regular basis, such as property tax payments, Khata services, encumbrance check and sale assistance if required. We are also expanding our scope of services in the near future.
We are currently covering Bangalore and Mysore. We will be expanding to other cities shortly.
Yes, but we need authorization from all the parties involved.
You can upload the scanned copy via app or website after login through your account or send us through email or courier it, whichever is convenient.
Yes, we do.
Yes, kindly contact us or email with services expected.
We only monitor your property on regular basis and provide services as per the subscription plan opted. This will significantly reduce the chance of various types of encroachment, trespassing and so on. We will provide you with the data to take necessary action.
Plot visits frequency will be monthly / quarterly based on the subscription plan selected.
Depending on plan chosen, we provide reports of property survey which consists of physical plot visit, encumbrance check, On-spot enquiry update, provide latest reports, locality reports, comprehensive plot and vicinity reports etc..
Plotmonitor has a dedicated and experienced team along with Ex-defense personnel. We believe in delivering quality services, when it comes to monitoring your dream plot / rendering services. We don’t compromise our services and cost has been arrived by considering various commuting and other personal business aspects.
Yes, please contact our customer care executive for more information.
Once the feasibility is assessed through research and commuting to respective departments, we will brief you on if any additional documents required and applicable charges / cost towards the same to complete the work / activity.